office/information: 618.462.3205
Alton Little Theater Showplace: 2450 N. Henry (PO Box 156) - Alton, IL
Evening performances: 7:30 pm, Sunday Matinees: 2 pm

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens if I lose or forget my Tickets? Can I still see the Show? 

Of course! ALT's Ticketing System keeps track of every Ticket sold...just come to the Box Office and let us know what happened (we love those stories about the dog eating your tickets!) 

2. How Early should I come to the Showplace before a Show? 

We open the Theater one-hour before Showtime (Evening Productions begin at 7:30pm and Matinees begin at 2pm). We open the doors for Seating 30 minutes before Showtime. Guests who need a little extra time to secure their seating are seated before the General seating "rush". There are no bad seats in the Theater Auditorium but we know that patrons do have a preference for their seating choices. At the present time, we only offer General Seating and no Reserved Seats ---that may well change when we build our new Theater. Groups are asked to arrive AT LEAST 30 minutes before Showtime if they hope to be seated in close proximity to each other. We ask that you not "save" seats for late arrivals - as we do check for seating availability for "Stand By" guests 10 minutes before Showtime. We do know how many folks are expected for each show, but we have no  good way of predicting who may elect to switch their Season Tickets to a different night unless those ticket holders call the Reservation Line and Notify us! The Reservation Line (to switch performances) is 618-462-6562

3. So there are Exchange Privileges?  

Yes, purchased tickets for any ALT Production (Season Tickets and Door Sale Tickets) CAN BE exchanged for a different performance IF THERE IS SEATING AVAILABILITY. We make every attempt to accommodate our patrons and we hope you may pass on your tickets to someone else if you find you are not going to be able to make any of the performances. SORRY, we do NOT issue Refunds on Ticket purchases. 

4. What if I have a special need or concern about the theme of the show or lay-out for Seating? 

Just leave us a message on the Reservation Line and we'll be happy to call you back - usually within 24 hours with an answer to your question. Our out-going message often lets you know if the production is recommended for "Adults Only." 

5. Do you offer Discounts for Groups? 

We certainly do. Groups of 20 or more receive a $2 Discount - HOWEVER the Tickets MUST be purchased together and even Larger Tour Bus/ Tour Groups must pay for the entire Group at least ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE of the performance to be attended. 

6. Is there any way to save money on tickets? 

Yes, the purchase of a Season Ticket saves you 35-40 % off the cost of door sale purchase AND ALT only raises ticket prices in very small increments even as play and musical royalties increase BECAUSE we know just how many of our loyal Season Ticket holders are living on a fixed income. We make every attempt to bring you quality Entertainment at a fraction of the costs you would pay in St. Louis. 

7. Are your productions Kid - Friendly? 

Yes and NO. We love kids and we plan on doing more and more Youth Programming in the future. Right now we offer a class for students to learn basic acting skills (see pull down) AND in the Summer we do at least one big Family Friendly Musical. But we try very hard NOT to compete with the high Sschool and middle school theater/music programs and so we cast very few youth under 18 during the regular season. We always inform the public if a show is recommended by the publisher or our Board of Directors as not suitable for youth. We don't recommend bringing children under the age of ten to regular season shows (due to attention span and content). Your child may be extremely mature for their age. 

8. How do I audition for a show? 

Just show up and Stand Up and Read or Sing when asked by the Director! Auditions are posted well in advance on the audition pull down and information can almost always be obtained about the show on our website and online. We have completely open casting and newcomers are most welcome! We love to showcase new talents and train acting skills for those who truly love performance theater. 

9. How do I volunteer? 

Diana Kay is ALT's Volunteer Chairperson this season. You can leave a message for her through the ALT office (618-462-3205) and you can also leave a message through this website under "Contact Us." We NEED and Love to have folks who love theater come and volunteer and earn valuable hours which can be credited for a free ticket to an upcoming production! 

10. Are you handicapped accessible? 

Absolutely! Our President and Facility Manager Kevin Frakes makes every attempt to work with patrons and monitors our handicapped Parking spaces, the cleanliness of our ramps and our entrances to the Theater auditorium. Patron Safety is an important concern and our House Manager works with ushers to assist with seating or assisting patrons in any other way. Almost every performance, President Frakes and Vice-President Lee Cox are on hand in the Dorothy Colonius foyer to greet patrons and answer any other questions on your mind. ALT is committed to being YOUR Community Theater! As per guidelines from the American Disabilities Act we have seating spaces reserved for wheelchairs - but really appreciate advance notice (618-462-6562) if you know when you'll be attending a particular show.

2450 N. Henry Street, PO BOX 156| Alton, IL 62002  618.462.3205